Stephen Timms today welcomed plans, submitted by the Olympic Park Legacy Company, to change the layout of the one mile road cycle circuit in the north of the future Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. 

After a review of the Park plans, the OLPC has, in a change from the original designs inherited from the London Development Agency, put forward planning applications which will open up 1.8 hectares of uninterrupted open space and 144m of usable riverside. It is hoped this will give the public better access to the water’s edge through the park.

Key to the new plans is the revision of the cycle circuit which will now be moved to the opposite bank of the River Lea. It was feared that under the old plans, Newham residents would be unable enjoy the Parkland as the cycle circuit would have cut off vast amounts of green space.

Speaking after the consultation closed, Mr Timms said: “I am glad that so many  residents have taken the opportunity to have their say in the consultation.  I welcome the opening up to the public of an extra 1.8 hectares of open space, and I am looking forward immensely to being able to ride the top-class cycle circuit which will be created.”

AuthorStephen Timms