Stephen Timms today voted against the Government’s proposals for NHS reforms saying that they were “a step back towards a system that will not take into account what patients needs are.”

In a debate in the House of Commons earlier today Labour MPs argued that criticisms of the government’s reforms had heightened since the issue was last debated. Concerns have been raised about the level of job cuts and the effect that the expansion into the private market will have on the service. The government claims to have set up a consultation but this seems to have been another broken promise. 

Speaking about the reform Peter Carter, General Secretary for the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) said: “The Health and Social Care Bill could well turn out to be the biggest disaster in the history of our public services”this following a 98% vote of no confidence in Andrew Lansley taken by the college’s Congress

Mr Timms after the vote said “It is difficult to envision how these reforms are going to improve the NHS system after the slow-down that we have seen in patient waiting times since July 2010 before they are even implemented.”

“The Tories are correct in wanting to cut down on inefficiencies, but to do this in a way so that we are reducing the standard of patient care, putting more people on the unemployment list and giving incentives which are not consumer based but rather producer based doesn’t seem to be the solution to our problems. There have been more than enough outcries against the reforms to give them an idea of the lack of support. But why would they listen to the electorate when they don’t listen to their own MPs who are in the Tory led committee and who have shown clear disagreement with the reforms?”

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