Stephen Timms MP this morning joined the launch event for ‘Baking with Bridge Builders’ at Kina House, the sheltered housing complex above East Ham Market Hall managed by Genesis Housing.  

The local young people’s organisation Bridge Builders is working with Genesis Community, part of Genesis Housing Association.  They will run a cookery and befriending project with residents at Kina House.  Once a week for 12 weeks, a tutor and young people from Bridge Builders in Unity will come to Kina House and bake recipes with residents.  12-15 young people from Bridge Builders will learn about team building, mentoring and leadership, as well as improving their understanding of their own culture and the culture of others around them.

Speaking at the launch to young people, Kina House residents and other local representatives, Stephen Timms praised the work of Bridge Builders, and of its founder Gowri Pillai, in building cohesion between different groups in Newham.  Later, he commented: “Bridge Builders is playing an important part in bringing young people from different faith backgrounds together, and in this project bringing them together with older people too.  And I hope I will be invited back to enjoy some of the things they will be baking!” 

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