Stephen Timms MP today commented on the successful campaign to force the Tory-Led Government into a climb-down on the scrapping of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). 

Mr Timms, working alongside other Labour MPs and the Save EMA campaign, forced the Government to back track due to the threat of legal action on behalf of students who believe their two-year contracts for study had been breached by the decision to axe the EMA. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, had previously promised to save EMA but announced earlier this year that it would be scrapped.

Speaking after the Government’s decision, Stephen Timms said:

“The government's reckless decision to scrap the EMA will really hurt students and their families in East Ham but thanks to the Labour Party and the Save EMA campaign , students in Eat Ham will not have to worry about whether they can continue at college next year. We had to really push for this. Six months ago this government was saying under no circumstances were they going to reverse their decision. 

“Before the election both the Lib Dems and Tories promised not to scrap the EMA. They have broken this promise, but at least Labour has forced them to honour their commitment to those students halfway through their course.”

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Andy Burnham MP added:

“It is a small victory for Labour and the Save EMA campaign that the poorest students who are halfway through their course will continue to receive financial support next year. Young people are bearing the brunt of this chaotic Government. With youth unemployment at almost one million we should be investing in young people – not making things harder for them.”

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