Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, joined Police officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team as they walked around the Stondon Walk area of Newham as part of their efforts to support the local community.

Local residents had complained about intimidating groups who hung around Stondon Walk drinking alcohol and using drugs. The neighbourhood had become frightening. PC Ian Walker took the initiative to establish a dispersal order for the vicinity, and Newham Council installed a CCTV camera so that it could be continuously monitored.

Local residents hailed the initiative a complete success – and told Mr Timms they felt they had got their neighbourhood back. Local children – who previously gave the vicinity a wide birth – could now come and go as they pleased.

“This has been a very effective collaboration between Newham Council and the Metropolitan Police” said Mr Timms. “I am particularly grateful to PC Walker of the Safer Neighbourhood Team. Thanks to his tireless efforts, months of annoyance – and worse – for local residents have ended.” 

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