Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, has visited The Fashion Studio at the University of East London’s Docklands Campus. The studio – a collaboration between Fashion Enter and UEL – has been established in response to the growing demand for British-made fashion. Not only does the studio hope to produce 2000 garments a week for a wide variety of brands, it will serve as a centre for excellence and education; a training facility for UEL and Fashion Enter’s Apprenticeship programme.

In the last year, Fashion Enter has opened up accredited training schemes in fashion design, skills and production, such as the Stitch in Time program. The business also launched The Fashion Apprenticeship program for ages 16-24, set up to improve skills of the workforce whilst promoting careers and skills development. The Fashion Studio at UEL will be led by Desiree Koster – an industry expert who has worked with Biba and Bruce Oldfield – and Andy Wilkes will be Apprenticeship Manager. The goal of the Fashion Studio is to ensure the next generation of British fashion talent is armed with all the skills required to succeed in the industry and keep production in the UK.

Mr Timms has a long connection with Fashion Enter. He launched the original Fashion Enter website as a Minister ten years ago, together with the founder, Jenny Holloway, who was at UEL to meet Mr Timms on his visit.

Speaking after the visit Mr Timms said, “I have been extremely impressed by what I have seen today and by the vision for the Fashion Studio. It represents a terrific opportunity for young people in this area to learn practical skills and get involved in an exciting British industry. I look forward to seeing Fashion Studio garments adorning the shelves of Westfield, Stratford before too long!”

AuthorStephen Timms