Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, has questioned the prime minister as part of a debate in the House of Commons over his decision to veto EU treaty changes. Mr Timms joined the barrage of criticism led by Labour leader, Ed Miliband, who said Cameron mishandled the negotiations “spectacularly” and had created a “terrible outcome for Britain”. 

Mr Timms, accusing prime minister of “isolating Britain from the EU negotiation table” and “putting his party interests before the country’s interests” asked the prime minister:

“Britain will continue to be subject to EU single market financial services regulation. Do we not now have a major problem in that we will be absent when many of those rules will be drawn up?"

The prime minster attempted to reassure Mr Timms and parliament that his decision did not mean that Britain would be absent from rule-making discussions. 

Speaking after the debate, Mr Timms continued to outline his concerns, “The prime minister claims he has not isolated Britain and that we remain in a strong negotiating position within the EU. This is simply not the case. His failure to come back from these talks with a solution but rather to make the decision to walk away as the only EU country not taking part in treaty discussions, has isolated us and weakened our position. He has not demonstrated strength or leadership; he has demonstrated his desire to put his party first. This was a good deal for the Conservative Right, but a bad deal for Britain.” 

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