The Shadow Employment Minister, Stephen Timms, today challenged the Government over the failure of its policies to boost confidence, growth and jobs.  During Treasury questions Mr Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, called for “a change of course” away from the Government’s tried-and-failed means of boosting private sector confidence through “tackling the deficit aggressively”.

In response Mark Hoban tried to save face by calling vaguely on the approval of “every reputable international organisation” for the Government’s methods which have led to the economy flat lining, and huge increases in youth unemployment.

Following the Treasury questions Mr Timms said “the Government assured us last year that their policy would secure a surge in private sector confidence, and therefore a surge in new investment and jobs.  But, after over a year, private sector confidence is rock bottom.  The policy has clearly not been successful.  Surely it should now be changed?”

AuthorStephen Timms