Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, today visited Stratford School to speak to the Year 11 pupils. Mr Timms gave a short speech touching on a number of topics; from his role as an MP to the changes he has witnessed in East Ham in recent years. After Mr Timms spoke, the pupils were given the opportunity to ask him questions. It was no surprise that the increase in tuition fees and the recent riots in London were the focus of the day’s questions.

The visit came about after Year 11 pupils, Yameen Thawa, Hefedh Rashid, Sabir Rashid, Johirul Islam, Faizan Patel and Muhammadamien Meza wrote to Mr Timms in parliament, asking him to speak to their GCSE citizenship class in aid of their coursework.

Speaking after the event, Mr Timms said “I really enjoyed the opportunity to speak with the pupils of Stratford School. It is important to get out of Westminster and engage with young people in East Ham. This gives you a better understanding of what issues are currently of greatest concern to them”

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