Stephen Timms, Shadow Minister for Employment, today commented on the latest unemployment figures released by the Office of National Statistics:

“Yesterday’s unemployment figures give rise to deep concern. Youth unemployment continues to rise to almost 1 million, and is now at the highest level ever recorded. The figures also show that the number of people trapped in part time work as a result of poor full-time employment prospects is at its highest level since comparable records began in 1992. 

“Labour warned before the election that the cuts planned by George Osborne would lead to a “lost generation”, yet, with the scrapping of the EMA, the Government’s reckless cuts continue. This Tory-led coalition needs to focus on getting unemployed people back into work. In these difficult times, instead of helping the unemployed back into work, the Tory-led Coalition’s ideological cuts are doing the opposite.”  

AuthorStephen Timms