On the 7th July 2010 Stephen Timms, the Member of Parliament for East Ham, attended a day of remembrance at Newham General Hospital for the victims of the 7/7 attacks. The event was organised by Bridge Builders in Unity, a group that aims to inspire young people to utilise their energies in positive ways in their community. 

The event was held in Health Central, the recently redeveloped relaxation area at the hospital, and was attended by local community leaders, Councillors, and Newham University Hospital Trust (NUHT) staff. The attendees were entertained by musicians from Nelson Primary and Langdon Schools, and by Vena playing from Ms Nivetha Sivanantharajah. 

Mr Timms, Mark Ogden Meade, the Chief Operating Officer of NUHT, and Susan Higgins spoke, as did some of the young members of Bridge Builders. They praised London’s united response to the attacks as one that celebrated the city’s diversity. Organisations such as Bridge Builders in Unity were thanked for their important work in ensuring that we grown and learn from this diversity in safety.

Stephen Timms MP said: “As we remember those who lost their lives in the events of 7/7, it is with a measure of pride in the stridently unified way that we as a borough and as a city responded to these terrible events. The continued work that organisations like the Bridge Builders in Unity do to ensure that our intelligent, community-orientated young people have a valuable channel for their energies is an inspiration to hope that we will in the future be able to enjoy our unity in peace.”

Bridge Builders were registered as a non profit making company in October 2004 and as a charity in  December 2007. They are currently a small group, that gives 12 - 15 young people the opportunity to learn team building, mentoring, leadership qualities, and understanding their own culture and the cultural values of those around them.
Their website is www.bridge-unity.org

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