Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, today responded angrily to the Government’s cancellation of Newham school building projects.  Michael Gove, Education Secretary, announced the cancellation of crucial rebuilding plans for fourteen schools in Newham, including Kingsford School, Little Ilford School and Plashet School. 

Mr Timms had been recently invited to discuss the proposals to re-develop Plashet School.  And last weekend he was at Little Ilford School fete and discussed the proposals informally with the Head Teacher.  Mr Timms has announced he will press Michael Gove to reverse the decision for schools in East Ham where the projects are well advanced.  

Speaking about the announcement, Mr Timms said:

“The Building Schools for the Future programme was a source of hope for schools in Newham.  Labour in Government improved school buildings across the borough, but there was more to do.  Building Schools for the Future was crucial for completing the job, ensuring children would be taught in modern, well equipped classrooms.

“I am very worried about education taking the brunt of the coalition’s harsh cuts.  Yesterday’s announcement followed cancellation of Labour’s extension of Free School Meals in primary schools.  Surely even this Government can see the importance of supporting children through their education? 

“Yesterday’s announcement is a cruel blow.  The Coalition has aimed its axe at the dreams of Newham children.  It is a shameful act – this Government has its priorities entirely wrong.”

AuthorStephen Timms