Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, who was stabbed twice in the abdomen by a constituent at his advice surgery last Friday, is recovering well. He was discharged from the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel on Wednesday 19 April after a five day stay.  Mr Timms has been advised by doctors to take a period of leave. He is looking forward to returning to Parliament and representing his constituents. 

Mr Timms, who was returned as MP for East Ham at the General Election with the biggest majority in the country, said he was moved by the “hundreds and hundreds” of messages of support he had received from constituents, fellow parliamentarians and people from all over the country. Speaking on leaving hospital, Mr Timms said: “I want to thank the Royal London Hospital, and all the doctors and nurses who have done a great job in helping me since I arrived on Friday afternoon.  I would also like to express my thanks for all the messages of support I have received over the past few days. I am on the mend, and am looking forward to returning to the House of Commons after a period of rest, to represent the people and area which I love.”

Although Mr Timms will not be able to conduct his regular advice surgeries during his recovery, he was keen to reassure his constituents that they would continue where possible in his absence: “My staff in the House of Commons will be taking enquiries and be on hand to help constituents.  They will also be covering my surgeries whilst I am away. A revised schedule of upcoming surgeries will be published on my website shortly.” 

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