Stephen Timms, the MP for East Ham, has visited Shaftesbury Primary School. 

After being introduced to some of the year six pupils, Mr Timms was given a tour of the school by members of the School Council, many of whom visited the Houses of Parliament late last year. During the tour, which was planned by the pupils, Mr Timms was shown around the School’s new buildings and outside play area.  

Mr Timms was later ‘grilled’ by a number of pupils who asked questions on everything and anything from life in Newham right through to the economy! Before leaving he was given a brief tour by some of the pupils who have been elected onto the school council. 

After the visit Mr Timms said: “I very much enjoyed my visit to Shaftesbury School today. The children were very kind to take me on a tour and asked some very thoughtful questions about my role as an MP and what we can all do to make Newham a better place.  It is clear that all the pupils and teachers are very proud of their school and walking around, it was easy to see why.”

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