Stephen Timms MP has called for the Government to rethink their policy on funding for schools sport. This follows the announcement last week that the Government will scrap the Youth Sport Trust and dismantle School Sport Partnerships.

After voting in support of an Opposition Motion congratulating the Youth Sport Trust in the House of Commons yesterday, Stephen Timms said the Government was putting the major advances in youth sport over the past ten years at risk.

"Parents want to see their children taking part in regular sport.  It is a great way of keeping them fit and healthy, doing something worthwhile with their free time.  Ten years ago, just one in five children did two hours of sport a week.  After years of investment, more than nine out of ten do so today. All of this is now under threat. 

"Young people from Newham were part of the delegation to Singapore that won us the Olympic Games.  During their presentation, we promised the world that we would inspire a generation of young people through sport. Now the Government is telling children it can’t afford to keep coaching them in the run up to 2012.”

Mr Timms’ comments came the day after 75 top British athletes – including Newham’s Tessa Sanderson -  warned the Government was putting the "future health of children at risk” and that the move to cut sports funding for schools was "ill-conceived".

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