Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham, attended the London Oriental Academy Awards Ceremony at East Ham Town Hall last week. At the event Mr Timms gave an award to the highest achieving student.

The London Oriental Academy is an adult training and education centre based in East London.  The Academy was established in 1996, and its objective to provide education and skills to the local community is widely recognised. During the ceremony, Mr Timms commended both students and staff for delivering a wide range of courses in English, Computing, Accountancy, and professional courses geared towards the public sector such as Health and Social Care and Teaching.

Speaking after the event, Mr Timms said: “At a time when the Coalition Government is axing thousands of public sectors jobs, it is crucial that people continue to acquire and develop their skills in order to secure viable employment. The Academy caters to the local population and is an asset to the East London community as well as to others who want to gain further qualifications.”

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