Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, yesterday met with the charity Changemakers’ London Delivery team whilst on a visit to the Houses of Parliament. Mr Timms was joined by Emily Cantrell, Alex Farrington, Neil Weston, Mena Fombo, Demore Harris and Gavin Genius to hear of the work Changemakers are engaged in and to understand how the cutting of the Future Jobs Fund (FJF), which has been proposed by the Coalition, will limit their work.

Changemakers was founded to unlock the leadership potential of young people.  Their ambition is to create a world in which more young people have the confidence to lead in business, public life and society at large. They aim to develop future leaders through a year-long training programme, develop organisations through offering support and advice and they campaign to policy-makers about the value of young leaders. Since 1994 they have helped 100,000 young people in this way.

FJF was announced by Labour in 2009. By the end of March 2011 the existing bids will have funded over 100,000 jobs, mainly aimed at 18–24 year olds who have been out of work for six months and claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance. Demore and Gavin – Youth Volunteering Assistants with Changemakers – fulfil part-time paid roles currently funded by the FJF. The FJF was cancelled as part of the Government’s May 2010 cuts announcement.

After the visit Stephen Timms said: “I was pleased to hear about Changemakers’ work for young people in London and around the country.  I welcome their commitment to encouraging young leaders.  It is a good example of a valuable initiative made possible by the Future Jobs Fund – and another reason to oppose the abolition of the Fund by the Coalition Government.  Changemakers are playing their part to encourage young people into work.  The Government should be supporting them.”

AuthorStephen Timms