Stephen Timms, the Member of Parliament for East Ham, was welcomed by the Newham Bangladeshi Working Group on Friday March 6th, further establishing his long standing relationship with the Bangladeshi community in Newham. Numerous journalists, including Bangla TV, gathered to report on the event held at the Kitchen Table café, a new fair trade café located on Barking Road in East Ham.

The meeting with the Bangladeshi Working Group was scheduled in response to a column Stephen Timms wrote in the Newham Recorder in February about the success of December’s elections in Bangladesh. Stephen Timms met the two candidates during a trip to Bangladesh in 2006 and was visited by the now Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina, at East Ham Town Hall when she came to the UK.

The members of the Bangladeshi Working Group praised Stephen Timms for his active relations with the Bangladeshi community in Newham. Stephen Timms was also able to hear the concerns of the Bangladeshi Working Group with regards to the border guard mutiny in Bangladesh last month.

Speaking after the meeting, Stephen commented: “The enthusiasm and concern the members of the Bangladeshi Working Group show towards their country as well as the support and commitment they show to their local communities here in UK should be applauded as an example to those from all nationalities."

Mr Timms commented further: “The recent election in Bangladesh has ushered in new hope for the country’s future and should be regarded as a triumph for democracy as well as a great example to the rest of the world.”

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