On Friday 15th April, Stephen Timms, Member of Parliament for East Ham visited the Fashion Enter boutique, Vicarage Fields, Barking.  Mr Timms was there to meet young fashion designers whose work is being sold through the outlet.  The event was hosted by Fashion Capital’s Jenny Holloway, who came up with the idea for Fashion Enter and has played a major role in raising the profile of young and emerging designers in London.  It was a celebration to thank all those who had helped the Barking boutique since opening nine months ago. 

Fashion Capital, which showcases exciting and innovative UK fashion, operates one of the world’s most popular fashion websites.  Set up in 2001, it also supports young designers through a PR Service, seminars and workshops, and one to one surgeries.  Fashion Enter was set up in 2006.  It has a boutique in Croydon as well as the one in Barking, with plans for another to open soon.  

As the Government Minister responsible for the fashion industry in 2001, Mr Timms launched Fashion Capital at the Profile fashion event, and has been a supporter ever since.  He was impressed at the range of work on display at Fashion Enter and talked with designers, students and business partners.  Jenny Holloway said of Mr Timms:  “Over the years his support for our work has been invaluable to the success of our projects.”

Speaking at the event, Mr Timms said:  “I am delighted to be here today, and impressed by the quality of the goods Fashion Enter is offering.  London is today the world's leading city - a centre for enterprise and for art and design which draws gifted people from all over the world.  It is great to see so many young and talented designers being given a chance, encouraged and supported by Fashion Enter as they make their way in the fashion industry.  The fashion business offers great opportunities.  I commend Fashion Enter for providing a vital support network for young designers, and in doing so, giving London fashion a boost.  I wish you all great success.”

AuthorStephen Timms