Stephen Timms MP visited Roman Road Primary School on Friday 8 February 2008 and was quizzed by pupils about his job and given suggestions about the issues he should be focussing on as an MP.

After touring the school and seeing the latest facilities and activities, including a group IT project being facilitated by Roman Road but also including pupils from Brampton Primary.  Mr Timms was treated to a special assembly which included songs, poetry and dancing.

Mr Timms was asked about this job by the pupils and he asked them what concerned them most about the area they live in.  Suggestions included the need for more CCTV to keep people safe, and the need for greater opportunities for young people to participate in sport, both in and out of school.

Commenting on his visit Stephen Timms said: "I was very impressed with the work Veronica Clark and her staff are doing at Roman Road and was pleased to be invited to visit the school again.  It was good to see the creativity of the children and to be asked about the work I do as the MP for East Ham.  Some of the suggestions made by the children were very helpful and I intend to keep them in mind as I continue in my work."

AuthorStephen Timms