Stephen Timms MP, the Government Minister for Competitiveness and Labour Party Vice Chair for Faith Groups, has spoken in Durham at the AGM of Traidcraft, a Christian-based company which has pioneered the “fair trade” movement.

Mr Timms congratulated Traidcraft on their groundbreaking work, which he argued has transformed the lives of many poor communities across the world.  He recognised the important role which religious faith has had in the movement and said: “Today – as perhaps not for a very long time – activism rooted in faith is having a huge, creative and positive impact on our national life.  I know it doesn’t always feel powerful – but it is.  And I look forward to lots more from this new movement in the future.”

Stephen also recognised Traidcraft’s contribution to Government policy.  As the minister responsible for company law, he spoke about their influence on the Companies Act 2006, and said: “It is the first time that ‘community’, ‘environment’ and ‘supply chain relationships’ have been mentioned in UK company law in this way, and Traidcraft has played an important part in getting us there.”

AuthorStephen Timms