On Friday, East Ham MP, Stephen Timms, met with Newham's Youth Parliament as part of a visit to the Connexions shop in East Ham. Connexions Newham invited their local MP to celebrate the 1st anniversary of their new building.

Connexions is a national organisation working with young people. It provides information and advice on subjects ranging from employment advice to housing and healthcare.Connexions Newham is delighted with their new purpose built premises and the staff were keen to show it off to their local MP. The site includes facilities for young people to search for jobs, private interview rooms and even a healthcare facility.

The new building includes a suite for Newham's Youth Parliament. Members of the Youth Parliament were invited to the celebration and they were very keen to speak to Stephen Timms. In an informal discussion, Newham's young MPs questioned their MP about his new position in Government and what new Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, will be doing to help young people.

Stephen Timms said "Politics does change things and I think it is wonderful that this group of young people have been given the opportunity to actively participate in democracy. This group of lively young people had a host of interesting questions on important subjects such as the Olympics and regeneration in Newham."

The Youth Parliament has recently succeeded in persuading Prime Minister Brown to allow them to hold a debate in the House of Commons Chamber. Stephen Timms said he was "delighted" that the young people were to get this opportunity and hoped that they would take real inspiration from the visit.

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