On Friday March 23rd, Little Ilford School invited their local MP, Stephen Timms, to participate in their World Heritage Day celebrations.

Pupils at Little Ilford School were given a break from normal lessons to concentrate on researching the country where their family originate. The pupils found out about the history, politics and culture of their chosen country. A 'heritage fayre' has been set up in the hall, displaying pupils' work and enabling them to share their research with fellow pupils.

Stephen was given a tour of the different classes which included a taste of African cuisine in the food technology department and drinking mint tea in 'Afghanistan'. Stephen Timms' family originate in England and so the MP was interviewed by pupils studying English Heritage as part of their research - Stephen named 'The Abolition of the Slave Trade' as one of Britain's most significant historical events.

Stephen Timms said, "I think it is fantastic that school children are being encouraged to find out more about their own heritage, and the heritage of the different countries where their friends are from. One of the best things about living in Britain is the diversity of different cultures that coexist together; it is events like this that enable our culture to flourish."

AuthorStephen Timms