At the 2007 Annual Conference, the Labour Party held its first ever reception for faith groups.  The initiative was hosted by Harriet Harman MP, Labour’s Deputy Leader and Chair, and Stephen Timms MP, the Party’s new Vice Chair for Faith Groups.

The reception attracted around 100 people, including several MPs and Government ministers.  Parmjit Dhanda MP, a minister at the Department for Communities and Local Government, spoke at the event and welcomed the initiative.

In his speech, Stephen Timms said: “I am very pleased today that we have been joined by members of the Christian Socialist Movement, Muslim Friends of Labour, the Jewish Labour Movement, and the Hindu and Sikh Socialist Societies – and other organisations too.”

He added: “I hope we can build up both our willingness as a party to listen to and take seriously the perspectives coming from a starting point of faith, and also to build up in the faith communities support for what we as a party are aiming to achieve.”

AuthorStephen Timms