Stephen Timms MP has partnered with Newham We Are What We Do to encourage everyone in Newham to pledge to cut their carbon emissions 25% over 5 years – the 25/5 Challenge!

With demand for energy and transport continuing to rise, we can expect world temperatures to rise 2oC by 2035 and 5oC by the end of the century. This temperature rise threatens the basic elements of life such as access to water, food production, health, land use and the environment.  But the Stern report last year showed that, if we take action now around the world, we can avert the worst of the problems.

The 25/5 challenge involves three simple steps:

  1. Calculate your personal ‘Carbon Footprint’

  2. Pledge to Reduce your Carbon footprint 25% by 2012 by logging on to

  3. Find out how to reduce your emissions and put these steps in practice.

On 26 January 2007 Stephen Timms will be holding a street stall in East Ham High Street between 12pm and 2pm to publicise the campaign. At the street stall you can take the pledge to reduce your emissions and claim your free energy saving light bulb.

Stephen Timms said “Some argue that as a small country there is nothing the UK can do to stop the rise in the earth’s temperature – I disagree. If everyone in the world produced as much energy as we do in the UK we would need three planets to support us. I will be encouraging everyone in Newham to take this pledge because together we can make a big difference”

Frances Clarke, organiser of Newham We Are What We Do, added: "Climate change is an issue for all of us and we are very pleased that Stephen Timms MP has joined with us to tackle it. Our aim is to inspire people to use their everyday actions to make the world a better place. We believe that small actions multiplied by a large number of people can produce a big change!"

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