Stephen Timms MP today welcomed Gordon Brown's Budget as "a budget for Britain's schools that shows Labour is best for East Ham."

"Gordon Brown showed today why Labour is best for East Ham - building on our platform of economic stability while still investing in education and public services.

"The extra £585 million for education will mean direct money for the typical primary school in East Ham will rise from £31,000 this year to £40,000; and from £98,000 this year to £185,000 for the typical secondary school. Investment that will help give all our children the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

"The increase in the child element will give more support to the 8,300 families - 16,100 children - in East Ham benefiting from Labour's tax credits. From April 2008, free off peak national bus travel for pensioners and the disabled will further increase mobility for our older generation. And the increase in the starting threshold for stamp duty will help first-time buyers and those on low incomes to get on the housing ladder.

"The £200 million funding to support the most talented British athletes to prepare for the 2012 Olympics is also excellent news. I hope young athletes in Newham will make good use of it.

"Today's Budget shows Labour is making the right decisions for the future: building on economic stability, investing in public services, science and enterprise, and helping people into jobs and gain skills. Inflation and interest rates are low, and unemployment in East Ham has fallen by a third since 1997.

"How different from the past when Britain was tipped into recession with families and businesses in East Ham left to pay the price. Under the Tories inflation was nearly 10 per cent, mortgage rates soared to 15 per cent, 1.5 million people suffered negative equity and unemployment hit three million. Today, neither the Tories nor the Liberal Democrats can offer the policies for the future.

"Only Labour is making the right decisions to ensure Britain and East Ham are equipped to face the challenges and take the opportunities of the future."

AuthorStephen Timms