Stephen Timms has encouraged the use of schemes that allow you to “neutralise” your carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting schemes allow you to purchase credits equivalent to the carbon produced from a particular action, such as a long haul flight. This money is invested in projects that develop clean energy.

Carbon offsetting schemes have come under criticism due to concerns that some projects are not effective. This week the Government announced the launch of a consultation to develop a ‘quality mark’ for carbon offsetting programmes that will provide people with certainty when choosing to offset their emissions.

Stephen Timms said “Carbon offsetting should not be an alternative to cutting your carbon emissions but there are some actions that we cannot avoid. Many people who live in East Ham need to travel long distances to visit relatives living abroad. Long-haul flights produce a lot of carbon but carbon offset programme mean that these emissions can be neutralised for a fraction of the price paid for the flight.”

Stephen Timms and Newham We Are What We Do are running a campaign to encourage everyone in Newham to pledge to cut their carbon emissions 25% by 2012. You can find out more about this campaign by visiting

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