Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, met with campaigners last week to discuss Oxfam’s ‘Health and Education for All’ campaign.  He was presented with a pair of paper lanterns which had been made for him especially by the members of the Newham Somali Homework and Community Support Group, to highlight problems in Somalia.  The lanterns had been featured in this year’s Runga Rung parade on Wednesday.

Mr Timms met Serena Tramonti and Stephanie Bell of Oxfam at East Ham Town Hall on November 24th to find out about the campaign, which urges the world’s wealthy countries to increase aid, so that poorer countries can employ more teachers and health workers.  They went on to discuss the situation in Somalia, where members of the Newham group have their roots, and the Group’s work to raise money for Somalia.  A lack of clean running water is a major cause of ill health in Somalia.  Many Somali families have to live on just a twentieth of the recommended daily intake of water.

Speaking after this meeting Mr Timms said “I can see that a lot of effort has gone into the making of these lanterns, and that this is an issue the Newham Somali Homework and Community Support Group care about deeply.  I hope that this campaign will highlight the problems facing people in the developing world, and I wish the Group well in their efforts to provide assistance for the people of Somalia.”


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