East Ham MP, Stephen Timms, spent Tuesday evening patrolling the streets of Forest Gate with Safer Neighbourhood Team, PC Richard Martin and Community Support Officer, Sharon Taylor.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams were introduced to Newham in March 2006. A team of Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) patrol a dedicated ward finding innovative solutions to tackle crime in the area.

Richard and Sharon are part of the Safer Neighbourhoods Team for the Green Street East Ward. They patrol the streets of Green Street East either on foot or Mountain Bike, meeting residents and identifying the area's crime hotspots.

Richard and Sharon have become instantly recognisable faces around Green Street East. Residents have been able to approach them about problems such as drug taking, theft and anti-social behaviour.

Stephen Timms accompanied Richard and Sharon on their nightly patrol as they visited the spots known to be targets for drug takers and thieves. Stephen was taken to one street where night after night gangs congregate to race cars up and down the street. Richard and Sharon are now actively patrolling the area and Stephen watched as these youth were confronted by the Police.

Stephen Timms said "It is excellent to see Police back out on the beat tackling crime head on. The people of East Ham have a right to feel safe where they live and I glad that the Safer Neighbourhoods Teams are fighting this low level crime which can frustrate the lives of many residents."

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