On Friday 13 October 2006, Newham MP and Cabinet Minister, Stephen Timms, addressed a room of 200 doctors at West Ham Football Ground. Stephen Timms was speaking at the official launch of Practice Based Commissioning for Diabetes in Newham.

Diabetes has been shown to be six times more common in people of Asian origin and three times more common in those of African and African Caribbean origin. Newham's ethnic majority population makes Diabetes a pressing concern.

Dr Claire Davison, Lead for Diabetes on Newham PCT, has spent the last five years setting up a joint approach amongst GP practices in Newham to treat Diabetes. Since 2002, 91 Clinicians working in Newham have participated in the University of Warwick Certificate in Diabetes Care. Practice Based Commissioning means that GPs decide what is best for their patients and in Newham the diabetes plan means that patients receive the right care quickly.

Stephen Timms said "75% of Diabetes patients in Newham are now treated under structured GP care, compared to less 47% five years ago. We live in one of the most ethnically diverse boroughs in the country where Diabetes is very common. I am proud of the way that our doctors and our PCT have responded to changes in our borough and are now leading the way in Diabetes care."

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