Jeremy Corbyn has today wished Sikh's in the UK - and across the world - a Happy Vaisakhi. In a message release earlier today, Jeremy said: "We can learn much from the Sikh way of life. Gurdwaras are impressive places of worship in the way that they serve free food to everyone, be they a worshipper or just somebody in need of a hot meal." 

"The Gurus fought against social inequality, fought against injustice, and helped the most vulnerable in society to live their lives with dignity and pride. The creation of the Khalsa by the tenth Sikh Guru, in a ceremony underpinned by personal sacrifice, gave Sikhs a visible identity that ensured they would stand out and that they wouldn’t walk by when they saw injustice or somebody in need. These are values that we in the Labour Party also share."

AuthorStephen Timms