Speaking to an audience tonight at Halifax Minster, Stephen will challenge the widely-held belief that politics and faith should be kept separate. His speech will be part of the new Minster Series, which seek to ask "...questions that really matter".

Stephen will say: “Faith is a great starting point for politics. It’s the source of the values we need to make politics work: responsibility, solidarity, patience, persistence, compassion and truthfulness.” He will add that such values are needed to revive a damaged political structure and will applaud churches for their support in social services such as foodbank provisions during recent economic hardship: "At a time when the rich are getting richer and the poor are struggling more, faith groups are bringing people together across divides of wealth. Faith groups can lay the foundations for new politics which can bring hope."

Also taking part in the event this evening are Reverend Canon Hilary Barber, prospective councillor Surraya Bibi, Bishop of Huddersfield Jonathan Gibbs, councillor John Hardy and councillor Peter Wardhaugh.


AuthorStephen Timms