Labour MPs and councillors joined other members of Christians on the Left as the organisation held a summit to discuss the Church's role in promoting social action and working towards social justice.

The event was held at Vauxhall Foodbank. Two panels debated the role of faith in social and political action. The first panel was chaired by John Kuhrt of the West London Mission and featured Matt Barlow, Director of Christians Against Poverty (CAP), pioneer minister the Reverend Annie Kirke, and Chief Executive of London City Mission Graham Miller.  Together, they looked at the question: "Why do we hide the faith aspect of our community work?"

The second panel discussion included Chris Mould of the Trussell Trust, CEO of Housing Justice Alison Gelder and David Lammy MP. They discussed whether or not Christians become too focussed on social action to bring about social justice.

Speaking afterwards, Stephen Beer, Political Communications officer at Christians on the Left said: "We wanted to bring people together to network with each other and share stories about the social action projects they're working on. We also wanted to talk about building on social action to take political action.

"We believe the church needs to address the underlying causes of social injustice as well as do the vital work of treating the symptoms," he added. 

Attendees were invited to bring donations for the Vauxhall Foodbank. Overall, 90.3kg of food (enough for around 140 meals) was collected.

AuthorStephen Timms