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Rosie Cooper, Member of Parliament for West Lancashire, has chaired a roundtable discussion of church leaders in and around her constituency. She invited the Labour Party Faith Envoy, Stephen Timms.

The group spoke of their desire to see an increased role of faith groups in our communities. The discussions proved fruitful and unifying. All in attendance agreed that now is the time to strengthen community links and become more active in addressing societal needs. 

Speaking after the roundtable, Rosie, who has been MP for the area since 2005, said: “Sitting around a table with ministers of different denominations from across West Lancashire I was encouraged to hear their unity and shared purpose as they spoke of the challenges families and communities face.  As times get more desperate, more and more people are turning to our Churches at a time when they are being deserted by this Government.  It is the Churches that are offering material support and emotional comfort were it is needed.  Churches setting up food banks and debt advice services are the result of people’s faith and values in action.  I will continue to do all I can working with faith leaders to support our communities.”

Stephen added: “I’ve always advocated that churches should get their hands dirty in helping their local communities flourish and so I was excited to hear church leaders here in West Lancashire doing just that. Whilst this government is abandoning the most vulnerable in society, the churches are stepping up and reaching out to those facing problems – be it with debt, addiction or social isolation – in ever more creative ways. The Labour Party must find ways to engage with and encourage church communities to 
play their part.”  

The roundtable follows similar events which Stephen has attended, including in Devon and Glasgow.

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