About me

I am the Member of Parliament for East Ham and the Shadow Minister for Employment.  I am also the Labour Party Faith Envoy and Chair of Christians on the Left.  

I entered Parliament as Labour MP for Newham North East through a by-election on 9th June 1994, and was re-elected to the new constituency of East Ham in May 1997.  In the 2010 General Election I secured the biggest majority in the House of Commons.  I was a  Minister from 1998 until 2010, serving for example as Financial Secretary to the Treasury, Minister for Digital Britain and Minister for Pensions.  I was in the Cabinet as Chief Secretary to the Treasury in 2006-7.  After Ed Milliband's election as leader of the Labour Party, I was appointed Shadow Minister for Employment.

Having grown up in Hampshire and studied mathematics at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, I moved to East Ham in 1978 and married Hui-Leng in 1986. Before entering parliament I worked for eight years for the software company Logica, and then for another eight years for a small firm, Ovum, started up by former colleagues at Logica.  I am a keen cyclist, and a member of the Ramblers Association.